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BYD Chuanfu Wang Wins The “Zayed Future Energy Prize”

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Wang’s Three Green Dreams and Green City Solution January 21st, UAE: The sixth “Zayed Future Energy Prize” results were announced globally Chairman of BYD Chuanfu Wang has won the Lifetime Achievement Award. Known as the “Oscar” award in the new energy industry, “ZFEP” is recognized as the world’s most prestigious award in renewable energy.

This is the second time BYD appeared at the ZFEP awards. In 2013, BYD, together with Sharp and Siemens, were finalists for the large corporation award, which is awarded to ABB this year.

The ZFEP Committee awarding the Lifetime Achievement Award spoke highly of Chuanfu Wang, reaching a consensus that Chairman Wang has played an indispensable role in the green energy world. The award specifically was given in response to his development of BYD’s Green City Solution.

bydnews1Established in 1995, BYD, with its cutting edge technologies, has quickly become a global leader in the new energy, automotive and IT industries. Understanding BYD’s Three Green Dreams is important to understanding the mission of the company. The first dream is electrified transportation, for which BYD has become known worldwide. The second is mass energy storage, where in BYD’s perfect world, people can save money on energy usage as well as helping to preserve the balance of their local energy grid. Finally, the zero emission eco-system is completed with the third green dream of mass-market solar power generation.

In China, BYD’ battery electric vehicles have served as designated car in events in Xi’an, Wuzhou city. Shaoguan, Nanjing has announced the establishment of a pure electric taxi company and BYD e6 is also selected as the official vehicle for relevant government departments.

In May of 2013, 45 BYD e6 taxis launched in Hong Kong. Low-carbon environmental philosophy BYD electric cars delivered won public’s high compliment in China.

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