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Hansol Technics AIO battery storage system

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 2.00.40 pmThere are now over 200 Samsung AIO battery storage systems installed in Australia providing battery power to households both on and off grid. Their manufacturer, Samsung is a giant South Korean based multinational conglomerate and if you would like to snag yourself a brand new AIO battery storage system from them, that’s terribly unfortunate, because you can’t have one. But, what you can have is a system that is exactly the same, powered by Samsung SDI battery pack inside, and the name on the outside of the system is Hansol Technics.

Recently Samsung handed over their battery storage section to Hansol Technics, a wholly owned company of Samsung. series3_img32Samsung Energy Storage systems are now called Hansol Scalable All-in-one or AIO for short. They come in two sizes 7.2 and 10.8kWh. They have a 90% depth of capacities. The system is called an All-in-one because it comes with a built in solar inverter your panels get plugged into. The storage system is capable of providing power from the batteries and solar panels weather your home is on-grid or off-grid. The system has a 5-year product warranty, but the batteries have a 10 yr. performance warranty the promises they will retain at least 65% of their original capacity for the first of 10 years or 6,000 cycles. The good news is since most households cycle their batteries less than once a day, the performance warrant should last the full 10 years.



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