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Delta keeps top Australian Universities running 24/7

Delta keeps top Australian Universities running 24/7

NOV 2017

As universities in Australia constantly compete to be in the top 10 national rankings with world class facilities, demand from the nation’s higher education sector for power solutions is higher than ever. Delta Energy Systems is at the forefront of this growing market, providing state of the art technology in uninterrupted power supply solutions (UPS) to universities looking to provide the best environment for research and learning.

Educational institutions are not exempt from power-related problems such as voltage spikes, power surges, brownouts, and blackouts. A blackout or brownout for an educational institution can mean loss of critical data and damage to expensive research equipment. An extended loss of power could result in an emergency if fire detection, alarm systems, emergency lighting and proximity card readers were unable to function.

In addition, with most universities offering online studies, students and teachers require access to online content 24/7. Universities cannot afford for students and teachers to be without online access. With the safety of students and staff and the university’s competitiveness to consider, having the most secure and efficient power solution should be a top priority for an elite institution.

Delta Energy Systems has recently provided UPS solutions for several top Australian universities to ensure they are kept running around the clock. One of these universities recently had two 100kVA HPH systems installed as they upgraded their data centre. The HPH Series UPS from Delta is a best-in-class power protection system that combines maximum available power, unsurpassed energy efficiency, and superior power performance with a significant advantage in total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.

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