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Ground Mounts


Installation Site:

Wind Load:

Snow Load:

Applicable Module:

Module Orientation:

Rail Material:

Support Material:






Pile Driving Depth:

Soil Condition:



Open field

Up to 42m/s


Framed or frameless


Anodised aluminium

Hot-dip galvanised steel

Post height deviation: ±15mm

Post angle deviation: ±10°

Post misplacement deviation: ±20mm

Post verticality deviation: ±2°



10 years

 - Impact Solar - Solar Panel Ground Mounts Qld

Key Benefits


Easy Installation

Driven pole technology eliminates the need for pre-made concrete foundations, reducing the construction lead-time and labor costs of large-scale projects.

Versatile Application

Solar Terrace II can be applied to meet various engineering requirements. In-field adjustable brackets can greatly reduce the workload of initial design and site preparation.

Good Compatibility

Designed as a universal mounting system, PV – ezRack Solar Terrace II is compatible with most of the major framed and frameless PV panels on the market.

Excellent Adaptability

With engineered steel components and a high quality surfacing system, Solar Terrace II can withstand harsh environments.

Assembly Flexibility

The horizontal and vertical angle along with the dislocation of the pole allows for adjustments during installation.

Cost Reduction

The pre-assembled parts of Solar Terrace II allow quick installation and therefore save you on labor costs.

High Quality

Strict quality control over materials and finished products ensure optimum strength and long life for your installation.


10 year product warranty for your peace of mind.

 - Impact Solar - Solar Panel Ground Mounts Qld
 - Impact Solar - Solar Panel Ground Mounts Qld

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