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The Technological Philosophy of Samsung Reads, “Boundless Search”

This is our guiding force for the innovation and creativity which contributed to becoming what Samsung is today. Based on this philosophy, we are pursuing R&D missions not only to enhance the current performance, but also develop disruptive technology to go beyond the limit of current businesses. Our expertise on advanced battery and collaborative R&D structure with other Samsung affiliates have enabled us to position as the global leader. According to the latest SNE research published in May 2015, Samsung SDI holds the world’s largest number of lithium-ion battery patents, which accounts for 36% of target patents.

At Samsung SDI, over 400 automotive battery researchers and engineers are developing current and next generations of lithium-ion batteries to provide automakers and their customers with better powertrain performance and longer electric driving range.

Further to the development of automotive batteries, Samsung R&D organizations conduct research in an integrated way for transformative innovations. Samsung Material Research Complex (SMRC) is a good example.

SMRC is the Korea’s first-ever electronic materials R&D complex. Over 530 scientists and researchers of Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Samsung SDI Energy & Chemical Solutions, Samsung Fine Chemicals and other materials-related affiliates teamed up to conduct collaborative research and advance the development of new breakthrough materials. Among them, 380 are specifically focusing on future battery materials and we expect a lot of great synergetic results from this collaboration

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