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Alpha ESS Launched New Products of Storion Series

Alpha ESS Launched New Products of Storion Series

The Storion-T5 complements the three-phase product series, which has all combined the energy management system with inverter, cables and batteries together into an all-in-one system. Furthermore the Storion-ECO series presents a very cost-efficient refinement of the Storion series, which are more suitable for families consuming less electricity.

AlphaESS provides an all-in-one solution, which includes smart EMS controller with7-inch touch screen to collect all data, multi-functional hybrid inverter enabling 3 KW to 5 KW single-phase and three-phase, and advance lithium-ion battery.

All AlphaESS systems share the same functions, they are easy to install and maintain with plug & play modular design. System battery capacity can be easily extended by adding PowerPlug and PowerBank. With energy storage, users can achieve PV self-consumption maximized to cut electricity bill and to guard against blackouts with the UPS function. By installing solar energy storage, you can be a pioneer of the Energy Revolution.

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