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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we distribute Phono Panels?

Solar Panels

We could distribute any brand of panel when there is over 160 manufacturers listed with CEC (Climate Energy Council) When you have been in the solar industry since 1989 you learn that even though most panels all look a like; there are Solar panels and there are panels.

We have learnt to look a bit deeper when considering the best quality verses value for money. When you are installing a product that offers a warranty period of 25 years you want confidence that those products will go the distance.

First requirement is that all manufacturers must have a public listing. This ensures confidence in the 25 year warranty. A company that is vertically integrated will ensure quality control as the whole process is carried out in the one facility.

Manufacturers that offer 10 years manufactures warranty not 5 years and panels which have positive tolerances is another reason we choose these products.

We have personally inspected different factory’s in China to see with our own eyes the standards first hand and were more than impressed with World Class Standard of process employed.

Phono Solar as a  company is highly capitalised and have been around for many years and that history ensures they we be around in the future to honour all warranties.

What inverters do you supply and recommend?

We mainly recommend Power-One Aurora inverters. Power-One are the second largest manufacturer of solar grid tie inverters worldwide. But that’s not why we choose Aurora. When retailing we installed SMA, FRONIUS AND XANTREX inverters but we found that especially in ERGON areas, the wider frequency settings on the Aurora ensures they will be more reliable in the case of voltage spikes.

Some ENERGEX areas also have this frequency variation. So the Aurora is the safest trouble free choice.

In July 2010 leading review magazine NEXUS prepared a study on th 50 Best Inverters being used in the USA. Aurora was in the TOP THREE.

At Impact Eco Solutions it is definately in our interests to sell very high performing products, and there are no call backs which cost money for all.

Can you offer answers when I ring up with a tricky question?

Tricky Solar Questions

We have been CEC qualified for 12 years in grid and stand alone. So what ever your question, we have more than likely experienced some similar situation before. So just ask away. We are after all, The Electricians Wholesale Supplier.

What is the field service like?

Field Service

Inverters sometimes need some tweaking. This can be done on site or over the phone while we diagnose the problem and walk through the steps together to find a solution.

What if I don't want to buy full kits and only want a panel or an inverter or just racking?

Individual Solar Kits, Solar Panel, Solar Inverters

We will supply what you need. If you only need to order bulk railing that’s fine. We have great pricing for those customers. We will supply your needs.

Individual inverters or panels for add ons or for any reason – if it is in stock it is FOR SALE.

What if I need my order straight away? How long will it take before its ready for dispatch?

Solar Orders

Our policy is to guarantee a turnaround time of 24 hours for pick up or dispatch an order from our Beerwah warehouse. We have been known to process orders sooner if we are not over whelmed in the warehouse. We may not be able to arrange a pick up for long distance delivery through a transport company as that is out of our control but your order will be ready to dispatch.

Do you actually give away free solar panels or was someone joking?

Free Solar Panels?

Certainly we do give away solar panels when we don’t meet our service guarantee and your order is not ready for pick up in 24 hours of order. Nobody likes losing money and we work hard to ensure we meet the high standards we have set for our customers within the time stated.

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