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LONGI: The ONLY AAA-Rated module supplier in Q1 2020 Bankability Pyramid

LONGi AAA status stimulated by industry-leading financial health. When we undertook the research to derive the necessary methodology to derive company-specific bankability scores (quarterly, between 0 and 10) and grades (AAA to C), it was clear that financial health had to dominate manufacturing strength, as
the single most important metric

Alpha-ESS to set up fifth solar + battery virtual power plant in South Australia.

Alpha-ESS says it plans to increase its production of batteries to around 500 systems per month for the rest of the year – presumably to cater to demand generated by the VPP – and then ramp up again to 1000 systems a month in 2019.The battery sizes offered include
5.5kWh to 16.5kWh.
The China-based company says it currently has more than 20,000 residential and commercial systems running in more than 40 countries globally. In Australia, 5,000- plus systems have so-far been installed. “As one of the pioneer manufacturers in the energy storage market in South Australia, we are pleased Alpha-ESS is expanding its production outfit, providing a boost for local jobs and industries,” said South Australia energy minister Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

Busting the myth on energy returns: Renewables to beat fossil fuels.

New research published in the journal
Nature Energy has warned that society
may be heading towards a ‘net energy
cliff’ unless it undertakes a rapid shift to
renewables, as fossil fuels become
increasingly harder to access. As
reserves are depleted, fossil fuel supplies
will require exploration in harder to reach
places, forcing it further offshore, and
digging deeper to reach the remaining
supplies, and at greater cost.

How Solar Hot Water works, is it Worth It ?

If you currently have an electric storage hot water system, your household energy consumption will probably break down like this:
You can see that around 25% of your electricity bill is used to heat your water! Solar will save you most of that electricity – and typically shave $500-$700 per year off your bill.
The other good news is that if you currently use electric storage heating then you should qualify for the max government rebates. If you currently have a electric storage hot water heater.
Solar hot water is probably one of the best investments you can make in your home’s energy efficiency.

Payback will be 4-5 years which is an ROI of about 20%

An interview with Longi President Zhenguo Li

  The future is mono: An interview with Longi President Zhenguo Li OCTOBER 20, 2018 CHRISTIAN ROSELUND In this interview with pv magazine, the president of integrated monocrystalline PV maker Longi Solar  gives his perspective on market and policy changes in...

Soltaro – storage solutions for the future

SOLTARO Battery, with multi-international capital from Australia, China and Switzerland, focus on LFP technology basic research and completed ESS R&D and production for more two decades, and our LFP battery are known for 10,000 cycles(90% DOD) superior...

Solar farm right here on the Sunshine Coast!

Solar farm right here on the Sunshine Coast! Solar Farm right here on the Sunshine Coast Feb 2018 The Valdora ( Coolum ) Solar Farm is made up of 57,000 solar panels over 24 hectares. It was built by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and is expected to...

Solar power in space: 60th anniversary of Vanguard 1

Solar power in space: 60th anniversary of Vanguard 1 Solar power in space: 60th anniversary of Vanguard 1 By Matthew Jeppesen on 28 March 2018 This month is an interesting anniversary: the sixtieth anniversary of solar power in space. On 17 March 1958, the...

Alpha-ESS Solar Batteries Withstand Recent Heat Wave in Australia

Alpha-ESS Solar Batteries Withstand Recent Heat Wave in Australia The heat wave did not effect the solar energy storage products, proving their reliability, performance and safety. SYDNEY, Australia — Southeast Australia experienced record-breaking high temperatures...

Alpha ESS Launched New Products of Storion Series

Alpha ESS Launched New Products of Storion Series Alpha ESS Launched New Products of Storion Series Alpha ESS Co., Ltd., (“AlphaESS”) one of the international high-tech companies focusing on providing advanced energy storage products and smart energy management...

Alpha ESS

Alpha ESS AlphaESS focuses Energy Storage Solution (ESS) for a future powered by clean and reliable energy. With the first company set up in 2010, the Alpha team has developed its own energy management system (EMS), battery management system (BMS), and all-in-one...

Sungrow Inverter Review

Sungrow Inverter Review Sungrow Inverter Review BSPQ.com.au Sungrow are a large Chinese inverter manufacturer. This Sungrow inverter review will aim to assess whether or not the Sungrow inverter offers a good product at a reasonable price. On their international...

CEC Launches Energy Storage Roadmap

CEC Launches Energy Storage Roadmap Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton said the Australian Energy Storage Roadmap would help develop the foundation to deliver the technology’s full potential through collaboration with industry, regulators and careful...

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