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Why choose a German Tech solar hot water system?


With German Tech Solar:
  Free hot water from the sun
  Even works on cloudy days
  More stored hot water
  Lower upfront costs
  Saves on electricity
  Higher rebate given
  7 year warranty
  Alanold panel treatment

Why choose a German Tech solar hot water system?

ALL of Brisbane North, South and Sunshine coast covered.

If you have a leaking tank, and if you phone early, solar hot water Brisbane & Brisbane North And Brisbane South residents can get a quick change over to a new German Tech Solar Hot Water system with minimal delay.


Southern counterparts do not get the full benefits of the sub-tropical sun which is ideal for quick water heating, and this also applies to solar hot water Sunshine Coast residents, which lives up to its name Sunshine Coast.


Solar Hot Water Suppliers Sunshine Coast includes many local plumbers who realise just what good value German Tech solar hot water systems are and how well they are made and perform.

Even if you live in Brisbane North or Brisbane South and you want a solar hot water system our plumbers are placed on each side of the Brisbane river and the local change over service is quick and reliable, with German Tech.



With German tech cloudy days are a clear winner. 

Unlike many of the other big brands of solar hot water in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast, German Tech solar hot water even works on cloudy days, because of the clever German Technology of the German Tech solar hot water system features. With a German Tech Solar Hot

Water System, you have less cost and more benefits. Those very clever Germans have created the technology to build the roof top collectors & Tubes to be so much more efficient, than many other big brands. Ask yourself WHY DOES the Government allocate so much more subsidy to German Tech – Is it because even the Government thinks German Tech is much better than many other big brands? 

The cutting-edge technology used in every German Tech Solar Hot Water System is more efficient resulting in more free piping hot water than most other Australian well known Solar Hot Water System brands

 With German Tech, there will always be plenty of FREE solar HOT water for a large family or unexpected visitors. German Tech has the Alanod GmbH Glass Coating, on the Collectors and Tubes which is the surface treatment for higher Solar reflection and Solar absorption.

The benefits to you by these features, even works on cloudy days, means other solar hot water systems need to engage the electric booster element, which costs you money from constant electricity price rises.

 German Tech Marine Grade model.

The 300lt tank is make of Marine grade SUS316L Stainless steel. So, no changing of anodes is necessary, and the tank ends are steel not plastic so no vermin can infest the system as the plastic ends on the other solar hot water roof tanks do when exposed to the extremely hot Queensland sun.


WHY does the government gives MORE SUBSIDY for GERMAN Tech than the 4 other well known brands?



  • Stainless steel roof top tank (marine grade SUS316L) so no anodes to change ever 
  • Metal Ends of tank cylinder so no decaying ENDS of plastic to let vermin in.
  • EVEN works on cloudy days (the others need to heat with ELECTRIC boosters)
  • TRUST those very clever Germans ,of course the subsidy should be higher

 That entitles you to the highest government subsidy – Leaves you more in your pocket compared to other Hot Water System brands.

  Call into the German Tech Solar Hot Water Showroom.

One of the solar hot water suppliers on the Sunshine Coast is All Energy HQ. Call in and see the solar hot water systems on display. You pay even LESS for th e German Tech solar hot water system Sunshine Coast because of the volume they sell of solar hot water and the higher Government rebate it receives. Get an honest appraisal of your requirements and expect OLD

fashion straight talking and fast reliable service from your German Tech Solar hot water supplier which has been in the Solar business for over 30 years.

Other sizes and models available


The price of GERMAN Tech, is actually less than many other top brands in price because the distribution network is direct with NO middleman. Even the storage tank with that piping HOT water is larger than many other big brands, so any unexpected visitors will always have plenty of hot water stored in the tank ready to go. Even the warranty given is better than many of the other big brands.


Roof Top Mounted
Split System Ground Mounted
Roof Top Evacuated Tubes Mounted


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