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Alpha ESS

AlphaESS focuses Energy Storage Solution (ESS) for a future powered by clean and reliable energy. With the first company set up in 2010, the Alpha team has developed its own energy management system (EMS), battery management system (BMS), and all-in-one energy storage system for solar households. The brand AlphaESS was established in 2012, which has been steadily set foot in Germany, China, America and now Australia, and well-recognized by the market with stylish design, high quality components and affordable price. In this year, the product series Storion is nominated as finalist in the ESS Award in the largest solar event in Europe – Intersolar Europe. The series includes 3kW and 5kW solution with flexibility to put in maximum 5 battery units with each of the unit nominated at 2.5kWh.

“The product is a perfect suit for customers in Australia who want their home to be powered purely by renewable energy”, said Dong Lin, Managing Director of AlphaESS Australia, who is the China Regional Manager for the Australian Solar Council and graduated from UNSW as a PhD in Photovoltaics, “With 5kW PV generating around 20kWh a day, and the batteries help keep half of them to be used during the night time, an average household can be independent from the grid.”

With large charging and discharging capacity, and smart control by the EMS, the system can maximize the self-consumption of a PV system up to 100%. It also has three levels of safety measures and separate BMS for each battery unit to ensure a safe and most efficient system operation. Beyond these, the system will allow customized settings for charging and discharging in its next release in Intersolar, which fulfills the needs from different customers and gains the most benefit from electricity tariffs.

“We are trying to integrate as much functionality as we can into the system because the EMS is the core of our business’, said Dong, ‘In the future, it will also integrate with smart home devices and act as the basis of energy internet with decentralized power generation.”

AlphaESS has a healthy market penetration strategy with the first year focusing on building up the service network. Installers with good understanding of battery storage are being trained and signed up as service partners in each state to provide customer services. The first system was installed at Glen Morris’ place and he comments that ‘xxxxxx’. Now numerous systems have been installed across the country, mainly in QLD, VIC and NSW.

“We are here to set ourselves up and be ready for the market take off in the coming years”, said Dong, “The current payback time for our system is around 8 years, and we believe the market will take off if the payback time can be reduced to 6-7 years as PV did a few years ago. It will not be too far away.”

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