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SOLTARO Battery, with multi-international capital from Australia, China and Switzerland, focus on LFP technology basic research and completed ESS R&D and production for more two decades, and our LFP battery are known for 10,000 cycles(90% DOD) superior lifespan with 10 years standard quality warranty, and currently Soltaro has built a fully integrated production line from LFP raw materials, to LFP cells, to LFP pack(BMS) and completed ESS with 1GWH annual production.

SOLTARO Battery shall be one of the few companies who invest a lot into LFP raw materials basic research with around 100 patents owned like standard 10,000 cycles superior LFP battery, low Enabled by SOLTARO’s 1GWHs large scale production capacity and two decades rich R&D experiences accumulation, we’re always working hard to cut the cost bottom-border for Lithium-ion battery, and in our belief, the storage market can only be booming when the Li-ion battery cost targeting the extra-limit like PV from every beginning. 

Soltaro Battery established international R&D team based in Germany, US and China. The outstanding R&D teams consist of experienced  Lithium-ion technology specialists who well understand Li-ion battery and widely connected with distinguished industry institutes and research organizations. More than 100 research related employees working in R&D center and worldwide labs.

Soltaro Battery established its own R&D facilities and teams in China, Europe, and the Americas. Annually more than 8% of yearly revenue is invested in technological innovation. Soltaro Battery believes the intangible power hidden in technological innovations can generate unlimited value for customers.

This is why we commit to leading change in the industry through innovation.

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