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Sungrow Inverter Review

Sungrow Inverter Review

Sungrow are a large Chinese inverter manufacturer. This Sungrow inverter review will aim to assess whether or not the Sungrow inverter offers a good product at a reasonable price. On their international website, Sungrow claim to be the #2 inverter manufacturer globally by MW capacity. That’s impressive. Sungrow inverters are simple, flexible and robust. They have built in wireless monitoring (which is awesome).

Sungrow Inverter Review – Company Background
Sungrow have an Australian website, a phone number (1800 786 476) you can call and have been around since 1997. They have a streamlined after-sales service process and an awesome wireless… Right I’m getting carried away here, let’s save the features. The company is solid, it’s big and it practices what it preaches (solar panels on the roof). It was started by a Chinese guy in China and the product speaks for itself. Unlike some other products, Sungrow inverters don’t pretend to be anything but Chinese – instead of feigning European design, they get down to business. The business of being awesome. The Sungrow inverters, and they do them well. Their range is extensive enough without being over the top. They have residential inverters from 2kW up to 5kW. All of their inverters have built in WiFi functionality – allowing you to easily monitor your solar power system from any device! Sungrow inverters are about as good as they come.

So Sungrow inverters are a Chinese inverter. Some people are outright against Chinese made stuff for some reason. Most things these days are made in China. China is the global powerhouse in manufacturing. More sensible folk realise that both good and bad products can come out of any country; it really comes down to product quality.

Sungrow Inverter Review Summary

Sungrow have impeccable product quality. Even to the point where they out-do Euro inverters like SMA! They could have a nicer, shinier website, but overall they have a good product at a good price. Sungrow inverters offer a solid inverter product at a very good price. If that’s not value I don’t know what is.

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